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"Graciously bestow upon all men felicity, the summit of which is the knowledge of the Gods." [Julian, Oration to the Mother of the Gods]

>what the little french guy said


But if you want me to be really honest, when we see the U.S. debate on the healthcare reform from Europe, it’s difficult to believe . . . .

The idea that we have such a violent debate so that the poor are not left on the streets without a cent when they are sick … Excuse me, but we’ve solved this problem more than 50 years ago . . . .

If you come to France and you feel sick on the street we won’t ask for your credit card before admitting you into a hospital . . . .

Welcome to the club of states who do not turn their backs on the sick and the poor.

2 responses to “>what the little french guy said

  1. Apuleius Platonicus April 21, 2010 at 10:37 am

    >The real point, though, is that in every other western country no such laws or penalties are necessary, because, as the little french guy pointed out, it is inconceivable that anyone would ever be turned away, or that anyone would even consider such a thing as a possibility.

  2. Kullervo April 20, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    >This isn't even true. There are all kinds of laws preventing ERs from turning people away for lack of insurance, or at leas tmaking the hospital liable if they do.

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