e g r e g o r e s

"Graciously bestow upon all men felicity, the summit of which is the knowledge of the Gods." [Julian, Oration to the Mother of the Gods]

>you’ve got to promise not stop when i say when ….

>I just now stumbled on this amazing video over at the always fascinating “Occasional Superheroine” blog by Valerie D’Orazio.

It’s a video of two Irish youngsters named Lauren and Dylan doing an acoustic cover of the Foo-Fighters Everlong:

To see more videos of this dynamic duo check out the aridal68 channel at youtube. Srsly.

This is one of the greatest rock-n-roll songs of all time. Dylan and Lauren completely reinvent it and make it theirs. I stand in awe.

Dylan is a stone-cold virtuoso on the guitar. At first I didn’t believe he was really playing , but it’s him alright. And Lauren is obviously only partially human. Whatever the other part is, we can only pray that she always uses her Power for good.

2 responses to “>you’ve got to promise not stop when i say when ….

  1. arid al's dream September 30, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    >lauren and dylan say thanks for your very sweet remarks! 🙂 and I can indeed vouch for lauren not being entirely human 🙂

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