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Book Burning Hindus?

The so-called “Forum For Hindu Awakening” has posted a story on their website titled “Alert Hindus foil ploy of conversion by Christians on the day of Ashadhi Ekadashi“. This story brags about the fact that a bunch of thugs in Nashik (Maharashtra) physically assaulted a group of “8-10 Christians [who] were going around in two vehicles with the books and explaining importance of Jesus.”

According to the story (at the link) these “Hindu” thugs seized the Christians and their books. And then they burned the books (over one thousand copies). The Christians were turned over to the police, who released them without charges (for they had committed to crime in India, a nation with a Constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion).

The twitter feed of the Hinduism Today magazine has also posted a link to the story. Since the people spreading this story are themselves Hindus, it seems, sadly, that it is probably true.

The fools at the “Forum for Hindu Awakening”, along with the world’s most hyperactively self-promoting “Hindu Statesman” Rajan Zed, were the geniuses behind the ridiculous calls last Summer for a boycott of Sacred Source, because of some items for sale at the Sacred Source website that Rajan Zed and some others found offensive. Well, perhaps the boycott wasn’t so ridiculous since it included death-threats!

5 responses to “Book Burning Hindus?

  1. Apuleius Platonicus July 31, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    On the images at Sacred Source. First of all, such images are not at all exclusive to “left hand” practitioners. They are, like all sacred art, symbolic. In my opinion it is not right to say that they are “only” symbols, but at the same time those who do not partake of the “left hand” path do make use of these powerful images as well.

    Only those who do not understand the meaning of the symbols have any reason to take offense.

  2. Apuleius Platonicus July 31, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    Tāṇḍava, as a general rule I am very quick to applaud all genuine “signs of life” indicating Hindu resistance to the spiritual aggression of both Christians and Muslims. And I am equally quick to challenge claims of “persecution” of Christians in India and elsewhere. And I also reject 99% of all claims concerning supposed “Hindu fundamentalism”.

    But in this case we are looking at reports coming from Hindus themselves, and these reports make no claims of violence, coercion or enticements being used by the Christians in question. One report makes it clear that a Hindu mob forced their way into a private home and broke up a prayer meeting of some sort going on in the home, and then went on to beat up the preacher who was leading the meeting, and vandalized his car. It is not even a question of whether or not this report is true. The question is, should such things, even in theory, be celebrated and bragged about? Obviously not.

  3. Tāṇḍava July 31, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    On the offensive images, obviously death threats are absolutely wrong here, but I do think that a boycott is justified. This sort of image is used by followers of the left-Hand tantric path of Hinduism. This path reverses all the normal rules (eating meat becomes compulsory as does drinking alcohol, promiscuous sex, etc.) They are a very small group, akin to Satanists in the Christian tradition.

    In a secular country Christians should accept that Satanists have the right to practice within the law, so Hindus should accept that people have a right to follow the left hand path. They would certainly try and dissuade people, and just as Christians would probably avoid a supplier of holy items that also supplied the items for satanic rituals, most Hindus would avoid a supplier who supplies items for the left hand path

  4. Tāṇḍava July 31, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    As a Hindu I would need to know one thing to know whether the burning should be condemned. Did they collect and burn the books that had been given out, which would be fine, or did they take the books that had not been handed out, which would be against the Hindu yama of asteya, non-stealing.

    I also suspect that there is more than meets the eye in the report. Certainly handing out books in the Ashadhi Ekadashi was very rude. Imagine Muslims to your christmas celebration and handing out literature encouraging people to convert to Islam. Also, if the Christians were acting within the law why were they taken to the police? Wouldn’t the Hindus want to hide their actions? I suspect that the Christians were using threats, deceptions, or enticements to convert. It sounds to me like neither party was blameless so the police said just drop the whole thing.

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