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"Graciously bestow upon all men felicity, the summit of which is the knowledge of the Gods." [Julian, Oration to the Mother of the Gods]

Chronology of a Smear Campaign (Updated and Expanded)

“And what is right speech? Abstaining from lying, from divisive speech, from abusive speech, from idle chatter: This is called right speech.”
[Samyutta Nikaya, 45.8]

On the night of June 24, a 21 year old Nepalese Buddhist nun was raped by five men. Over two weeks after the rape occurred, allegations appeared that a number of Buddhist organizations in Nepal had called for the rape victim to be expelled from her nunnery because she was no longer a virgin. Although no evidence has ever been presented that any such call for expulsion was ever made by any Nepalese Buddhist organization, this false allegation spread quickly on the Internet arousing outrage around the world.

Below is a list of 29 links (significantly expanded from this earlier list) to news stories and other material related to the rape of the Nepali nun and the subsequent outrage over the false claims about her “expulsion”. If one reads through all of the following, one will not find one shred of evidence that at any time was any attempt made to “expel” the rape victim from the Sangha of Buddhist nuns in Nepal. It looks, sadly, as if the world failed to learn anything from “the smoking gun in the shape of a mushroom cloud”, and “we will be greeted as liberators”. The more a falsehood is mindlessly repeated, it seems, the more it is believed.

It is interesting to note that the most recent version of the story, found in the Asian Age article published just today (August 16, see the last item on the list below), does not claim that the nun was expelled, but does still claim that there was a “debate” about expelling her, and that her future as a nun is “uncertain”, although both of those claims are directly contradicted by the public position taken (nearly a month ago) by both the nunnery in question and by the Nepal Buddhist Federation (see their statement of July 19 below, and also the July 22 Nepali Times article also listed below).

      1. Times of India (TOI), Sudeshna Sarkar June 27:
        Buddhist nun gangraped in Nepal bus
      2. My Republica (English language website based in Nepal), Prem Dhakal, July 6:
        Gang-raped nun’s family seeks justice
      3. TOI, Sudeshna Sarkar, July 11:
        Gangraped Nepal nun now faces expulsion from nunnery
      4. Sujato’s Blog (a blog from Australian Buddhist monk Anthony Best), July 12:
        Gangraped Nepal nun now faces expulsion from nunnery
      5. TOI, Times News Network (TNN), July 16:
        Debate grows in Nepal about gangraped nun (reprinted at Buddhist Channel website here)
      6. My Republica, Prem Dhakal, July 17:
        TUTH refused to treat raped nun
      7. Nepal Blogs, Matthew Frazer, July 18:
        In Support of Raped Nepali Nun
      8. Sujato (Anthony Best) again, July 18:
        Nuns and Rape: some links and a message
      9. Nepal Buddhist Federation, July 19:
        Official Press Release
      10. Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils, July 19:
        Letter to Nepal Buddhist Federation
      11. TOI, TNN, July 21:
        Gangraped Nepal nun likely to get re-admission in nunnery
      12. The Times of Iran, Bismillah News Agency, July 21:
        Gangraped Nepal nun likely to get readmission to nunnery
      13. Gulf Times, IANS (Indo-Asian News Service), July 22:
        Support grows for raped nun
      14. GlobalPost.Com, Jason Overdorf, July 22:
        Gang-raped Buddhist nun likely to be reinstated
      15. Nepali Times, Dewan Rai, July 22:
        “I wanted to murder whoever did this to my daughter”
      16. Aid Netherlands, Shreedeep Rayamajhi, July 22:
        A national level hospital denies admission to a rape victim
      17. Syracuse Buddhism Examiner, Harold Mandel, July 24:
        Gang raped Buddhist nun may come back to nunnery
      18. Inter Press Service, Sudeshna Sarkar, July 28:
        Religious Practices Oppress Women
      19. OneWorld South Asia, Sudeshna Sarkar, Aug 2:
        Nepal: Oppressing women in the name of religion
      20. GreaterKashmir.Com, Sudeshna Sarkar, Aug 3:
        Nepal’s Buddhist nuns rally behind rape victim
      21. My Republica, Prem Dhakal, Aug 3:
        Ani Choying takes gang-raped nun under her wing
      22. TOI, TNN, Aug 3:
        Nepal’s ‘singing nun’ comes to gangraped nun’s rescue
      23. News Today (Bangladesh), [no byline given], Aug 4:
        Religious practices oppress women
      24. UK Independent, Andrew Buncombe, Aug 5:
        Nepalese chant star gives refuge to nun shunned after gang rape
      25. My Republica, Surendra Phuyal, Aug 8:
        Where even a Buddhist nun isn’t spared (reprinted at the Buddhist Channel website here)
      26. Salt Lake City Deseret News, Michael De Groote, Aug. 9:
        Raped Buddhist nun’s lost virginity might mean she no longer can serve (Also reprinted at the Buddhist Channel website here)
      27. Twin Cities Star Tribune, Susan Hogan, Aug 10:
        Buddhist Nunsense: East vs. West over gang rape
      28. The Interdependence Project, Lawrence Grecco, Aug 15:
        The Importance of Following a Noble Path Over a Narrow One
      29. The Asian Age, IANS (Indo-Asian News Service), Aug 16:
        Gangraped Buddhist nun faces new ordeal in Nepal

Wherever possible in the above list, the author is given by name. In some cases the only attribution available is to a wire service, such as TNN or IANS, and in other cases the proper attribution is to an organization.

It is clear that a single “journalist”, Sudeshna Sarkar, has been the main source of the endlessly repeated and baseless “vituperative attacks” (a term found in the Reuters Handbook of Journalism) against Nepalese Buddhism. But this smear campaign would not have been nearly so effective without the enthusiastic support of the Buddhist Channel and two Western Buddhist bloggers: Matthew Frazer and Anthony Best (aka, Sujato).

There is a great deal of repetition in what one finds at the 29 different links listed above. But that repetition (and especially what gets repeated and what doesn’t) is essential to how propaganda works. We choose what we want to hear, what we want to believe, and what we repeat to others. The truth is in there, but it is invisible to those who only look on the surface.

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