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"Graciously bestow upon all men felicity, the summit of which is the knowledge of the Gods." [Julian, Oration to the Mother of the Gods]

Brit Hume Calls On Tiger Woods To Leave Buddhism For Christianity


Brit Hume has publicly called on Tiger Woods to renounce Buddhism and to embrace Christianity. Hume’s position is that Christianity is the religion-of-choice for philanderers because Buddhism just doesn’t offer “the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith.”

Here’s an interesting question: to what extent is Hume speaking from personal experience? Although there is no known evidence that he has ever dabbled in Buddhism or any other non-Christian faith-tradition, there have been repeated rumors about Hume’s own marital fidelity or possible lack thereof. In particular there were reports starting in 2007 linking him with Fox News anchor Megyn Kendall, who is nearly three decades younger than the almost septuagenarian Hume. One of the first reports along these lines was a Wonkette piece under the title of “Fox’s Most, Least Attractive Anchors Hook Up“.

The story about Kendall came on the heels of speculation that on-the-job marital squabbling had led to the departure of Kim Hume (wife of Brit) from Fox News in 2006 (she had been Washington Bureau Chief and a Fox News Vice President). And it turns out that Ms. Hume actually has a sense a humor: when she announced that she was leaving the Bureau that she and her hubby had co-founded in 1996, she stated that she wanted “to spend less time with my family“!!!

Brit Hume has also recently used his Sunday morning bully pulpit to claim that global warming may be a “fraud”. Most people seem to have forgotten the storm of controversy that was stirred up in 2005 when Hume himself was accused of consciously perpetuating a fraud when he claimed that FDR had personally supported the idea of privatizing Social Security.

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